Duplicate or Copy


Just want to share that whenever I want to copy a layer I have to first scroll the list twice only to end up reading all and only than remember it’s referred to as duplicating.

Is there a good reason for naming it duplicate instead of copy?


Hi Willem - I think duplicate is maybe clearer in that it cannot be confused with Ctrl-C style Copy(ToClipBoard). I don’t say this was the thinking behind this, but it seems at least… plausible…


How do I duplicate (copy + paste) without using the clipboard (slowes down)?

Hi @joddys1977
Just use the Copy command with the InPlace command line option.
HTH, Jakob


Holy crap… Absolute game changer! Thank you for the awakening!

That sounds sarcastic, but it’s not my intention. I’m genuine. I just made a keyboard shortcut '_Copy _InPlace…