Duplicate Edge selection highlight on VA Objects

Currently Duplicate Edge is not highlighting selected objects on VA Objects. This sometimes can be a big inconvenience when designing something around VA objects.

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Hi @barden00, thanks for reporting this issue. I’ll let you know when we fix it.

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any news?

Hi @lopez, no news about this fix yet.

Ok, anyway I think it’s very important if you work with curves. Just as a suggestion, to me the killer feature of Visualarq/rhino/grasshopper is working with curves and surfaces curved as no other BIM can do. So duplicating edges/extracting surfaces directly and in an easy way from Visualarq object is fundamental.

Hi @lopez, thanks for your feedback. This issue is not actually in our top priority enhancements to develop, since the important fact here is that the DupEdge works with VisualARQ objects, although edges don’t highlight. I’ll keep you posted anyway if there is any news on this issue.