DupFaceBorder From Surface That touches the Construction Plane

Is there a way to find the surface (from a closed polysurface) that touches the contruction plane and run the command “DupFaceBorder” on it?

I do not want to manually select the surface.

I want a routine that will cycle through the faces and programatically select the surface that touches the construction plane and run DupFaceBorder it.

You might try running the Intersect command, and creating an infinite plane on the active CPlane while in the command -

Select your objects and Enter

Thanks. They may work.


Could you give me a little more insight as to how this could work? I tried walking through this manually using the command line and when I input “IP” I get and unknown command error.


Are you running V5 or V6? The IP is only available in V6.

Version 5 and 6. I have users using both. I did get it to work in 6 and it works well. For Version 5 I may have to construct a temporary surface to use to get the intersection and then delete it. If you have another work around for 5 let me know. Thanks for the help.


You can try this script, should work in V5 or V6 or later…

IntersectVolumesWCPlane2.py (3.7 KB)

It absolutely does. Thank you so much.