DupBorder simplifying output


I am creating a handrail using Sweep2. I am forming the handrail using a series of sweeps because the path curves quite a bit and total smoothness is paramount. After completing the sweep, I’ll cap the shape and use DupBorder to produce the sweep shape for my next segment of the handrail.

However, when I changed the profile of the handrail to include a small 1/4" reveal, DupBorder now simplifies the shape, excluding the reveal and generalizing the curve.

I feel like I have Dupped more complex shapes than this one; is there some sort of tolerance or scale DupBorder can’t handle?


The shape to the far right is the desired curve. Dimensions for scale. The middle shows the result of DupBorder on that same face. The curve on the far left is the same curve isolated for comparison purposes.

Hello- please post a file with that object.


DupBorder Issue.3dm (80.2 KB)

Hello- file units are feet, and tolerance is .01, which is nearly an eighth of an inch… Try to work with tolerances at least 10 smaller than the smallest ‘feature’ at the largest.


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Worked like a charm! Produced the border perfectly. Changed tolerance from .01 to .002, 10 times smaller than 1/4" (I think). Thanks so much for your help!