DupBorder Function for Grasshopper

Hi, I’m looking to get the same result as dupBorder does in Rhino.

I’m having a mesh box where I only want the border in curves from, not the diagonal lines. DupBorder in Rhino gives me the result I need. How do I approach this in Grasshopper?

Thank you.

dupBorder only works on a mesh box in Rhino if you sub-select a face. Perhaps you are thinking of Silhouette. I’m not seeing any readily available to pull that info, maybe someone who works with meshes can chime in.

Maybe Lunchbox’s Mesh Edges component?

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I see LunchBox is only for rhino on Windows while I use it on a Mac. Not sure how to install the package on my machine; it shows up as “lunchbox.installer.application”. Is there an alternative perhaps?

Thank you.

DupFaceBorder.gh (4.3 KB)


Thank you, both solutions work indeed.

You should give the solution to @Mahdiyar . He is not “cheating” :sweat_smile:

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