Dual monitors + floating viewports

I was presenting a Rhino file using a second monitor the other day. That 2nd monitor was being shared on Zoom. I had a floating viewport maximised to the 2nd monitor so that I could keep all my panels and toolbars hidden on my 1st monitor.

Everything worked great until I wanted to prep some files that were coming up. As soon as I clicked out of Rhino, the floating viewport disappeared from the screen. It would pop back up when Rhino was the active viewport.

I’ve come across this while working and accepted it as a part of Rhino’s interface, but when it comes to presentation, it’s a significant handicap. I noticed Photoshop and other programs can have windows open on multiple monitors which stay open when you click out of Photoshop, so I know it’s possible to achieve.

Any chance we can get this working in Rhino? With so much remote working and presentation these days, it would be a great help.

I think the first thing anyone who knows how to help you will want to see is the Rhino system info command output. Perhaps also the specific version of Windows that you’re using. Or are you using a Mac?

You can try TestHideOnDeactivate. Set it to No. It should keep floating viewports from hiding when Rhino is not the active application.


TestHideOnDeactivate! WIN!!!

Thanks JesterKing!

Any chance we can also get “always on top” for floating viewports. I wish to have GH open with just a small floating viewport over it. The option to not hide them is step 1, but the viewport still disappears behind the grasshopper window.