Dual internalization Of populate Voronoi and pipe

Flatten an explode the tree… Then use solid union, network surface and interopole curves; To internalize 2d populate into the Voronoi diagram with the base of any a geo to substructure the variable pipe pattern. Took grasshopper intro about a few months back an. If your confused it because you forgot to divide curves so this will prompt an error.

My question is can I internalize 3 time? I cant figure out how without stalling my computer need some sorta quad core hehe

not sure what you’re looking for, but I’d give a try to Data Dam component: it stops the flow of data until you click the play button, this way you can “manually trigger” the next step of the computation only when you are happy of the previous one

Thanks for the decent idea, was unaware this was an option. I internalize step by step everything no matter what

here is a slider alternative approach and then my base geo.