Dropdown Options for Cluster inputs?

Is it possible to have dropdown options that show up on right-click (ie. enumerations) in Clusters and User Objects?

I see them a lot in components from plugins, but now would like to add one for a User Object/Cluster I am creating. It shows the type as Integer, but I don’t get how I can create them myself as inputs.

Anybody how its done or can it only be done in “proper” components?

I want something like this in a cluster input:


ps: bonus would be one of those where I can connect a Value List and it automatically populates it, which I have seen in a few components from plugins.

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I’m afraid not. Those preset named values have to be added by the programmer in the source. There’s no UI for it.

Okay, thanks. Enumerations are always a bit tricky in most programming environments, but they are really powerful. It’s just super common to have several options for something and name them something a bit more comprehensible as 0,1,2,… … aheem… cough … dropdown lists in RCP… cough :wink: