Drop shadow is too sharp

Hi there,

I am just a beginner, I have read the book (Rhino 6 Level 1 Training) but didn’t find the solution… sorry for my very simple question !

When I use the “Rhino6 rendering” with the sun, the drop shadow on the floor is sharp…
May someone can tell me how to solve this problem.

Thanks a lot

you can use environment maps for softer shadows.

Thanks, will try

If you are talking about the “Rendered” view mode, is this what you are looking for?

Thank you very much to take time to answer.
Well, I tried, unfortunately, it doesn’t change.

I am talking about the rendering calculation for get the 3D image, not the rendered view mode.

use a panel light and keep it fairly close. and don’t use the sun as the shadows tend to be quite sharp