Driver notifications - how new does it have to be? :-)

This is pretty funny…


That IS pretty funny.
I think it’s supposed to be 3 months, but there may be some other test that is clearly failing on your system.

Does SystemInfo say you’re running a “Hybrid” system or non-hybrid?
If it has a second graphics chip (usually Intel), what’s the date on it’s driver?

It’s non-hybrid - the only card in a desktop machine

I’ll write up a bug report for @jeff
I think he put those tools together.

Does the V7 WIP gripe about the date of the driver or only 6.17?


No, V7 appears to be happy.

It may be that there was already an existing entry in the notifications tab about an older driver before I updated the driver recently - and it got stuck in there. Maybe it just changed the date, but wasn’t intelligent enough to turn itself off…

That seems likely, but who knows?

Nope… I have some mechanisms for extracting GPU and driver information, which I believe the notification system uses, but I don’t handle any of that stuff… Now, it’s possible those mechanisms are flawed and thus so is the notification system, but as you can see, the SystemInfo seems to be getting the correct information…so I’m not sure where the problem lies… But I think @brian probably needs to look at this one first.


Thanks. Because Panels are on @JohnM’s list, he got the YT item assignment. He can move it if needed. I suspect there is no tool for closing a notification panel based on the ate of a driver having been updated.

LOL…It looks like he assigned it to Andy… Pretty sure Brian should be the starting point.


I’ve just assigned it to Brian.


Nobody wants this one. An attempt to help users update their drivers was added quite a while ago, discussed internally, and basically abandoned. Perhaps we should just remove this notification completely? I’m not sure if it really helps anyone.

Hi Brian - it helps in that users can be directed to double-click the notification and follow along to locate the drivers when that is something that’s needed or worth trying…


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@pascal is right. Sending users to the Notification panel saves us time.
Before we had to manually get links for them individually.
The built in tools for updating drivers lie and are worse then useless.
At least the Notification panel gets them pointed in the right direction.

And the can of worms is… Open! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe @JohnM can confirm there is no way to automatically close a notification panel based on the date of the driver.
My guess is if you close the panel, it won’t come back until the driver hits a threshold age.

Nope, not really. I closed the notification panel, shut down the computer because I actually physically changed out the video card (see my other recent thread). The notifications panel stayed closed but when I opened it again, it showed the new card, but still gave me the same message.


Don’t know what effect punching the “Do not show me again” button will have - will it come back after three months or never…?

Still coming up here…