Drilling holes

Okay, thanks guys. I’ll get on with it and hope for the feature I long for turns up in a future release.

If you can describe the process that you think needs a new tool and maybe some images of what you are trying to do. Then it makes doing some macros or scripts that much easier. Like a step by step. A picture is worth a paragraph or chapter of words, especially for me, I am a very visual person.

This is the ‘tape measure’ too in Sketchup.

OK, I see it but since i don’t / never used SketchUp, I don’t know exactly what I am seeing. It looks quick so I am assuming it is all within the once instance of the command, so once you start the command you can place the guides from whatever edge and in a direction you dictate by clicking a point on another edge to give it direction. So are the distances arbitrary or can you preset them so you can have them all offset by 2", for example?

These are guides, as opposed to lines in Rhino? If so you cannot interact with them like lines in Rhino, correct.

It might have it’s uses.

What would be nice is if you could run a command like OffsetCuveOnSurface and it would loop through the command as you picked curves. So pick one curve, then surface offset amount, then option to quit or repeat command. But Spacebar repeat command sort of does that.

The more I think of what you want in your original post, it can be done really quick with copy, move with gumboil and then rectangular array in only the needed direction. As long as you have done your math correct first. This will give you your drill hole marks.

Those guide lines can be snapped to. They can be placed by eye or given an exact distance from whatever edge that’s clicked on. They will also snap to midpoints intersections, etc. The guide lines exist only in the model space and cannot be printed. They can be deleted when no longer needed. The usefulness can’t be understated. One doesn’t have to be in any construction plan to make use of them on any side of a model.