DrawMeshFalseColors one sided?

Any way to apply DrawMeshFalseColors to (only) one side of a mesh? If not, can I add this as a wish list item :slight_smile: ? It’s often useful to render falsecolors on only one side of a surface, as when showing an oriented measurement (like radiant flux). The effect can be achieved with bitmap textures (below), but there are cases when I need to use vertex colors instead.



@jeff, any suggestions here?

This is going to require special casing of back face rendering if/when vertex colors exist… as it is right now, vertex colors apparently override everything…including specific back face settings in the display mode(s)… I was hoping you could just set the back face settings to “Use single color” and voila! you have it…but unfortunately that doesn’t work…because as I said, vertex color override everything.

I’ll see if I can come up with something.


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