Drawing to jpg or Tiff

i Have a 2D Drawing with 50 small drawings in it.
I need from each small drawing a separated picture with exact the same outline dimentions and the same border distande.
How to do it?

Are they all for one Rhino file?

If so, you can trim the drawing in Rhino.

If not, trim in an application like Photoshop.

Draw a rectangle of the required dimensions, copy it 49 times and place those borders around the objects you want to print. Then use File > Print to bring up the printing dialog. Set your margins here:

Switch to “Output and Scaling”, and select the “Window” option. Click “Set” end snap your printing window to the corners of the borders you placed:

Only 49 more to go… :grinning:

Another option would be to select a fixed, appropriate scale factor (at “Output and Scaling”, NOT the scale factor next to the Paper Size!), and change to “Position”. Manipulate the X and Y position values to find the part you want to print (deselect “Centered”):


OK, than i heva a print, but i need a Jpg, Tiff ore sometimes like that file.

Use the “PDF” button, select “Open PDF in Preview”. Save as Tiff or jpg.