Drawing line between 2 points for a stair

Trying to draw the tread for a stair from 2 points; first, an intersection of a section curve and other a regular step height as a series of lines. When I move the intersection points off the curve to get the riser and draw a line: fine. But to then draw the horizontal back to the curve seems impossible. I tried to shift the list up one to draw the horizontal but all the points have the same index 0.


Can you upload the file(s) needed to replicate this?

section steps 2.gh (17.4 KB)
section steps 2.3dm (34.8 KB)
Thanks for your attention to this David.

Is this what you’re after?

section steps 2.gh (4.8 KB)

Thats great, thanks, yes! Knew there was going to be an easier way!
In the end for my method the key thing was flattening. But its great to learn Contour and Connect.
Next challenge will be how to work with it if the curve bulges in the other direction so it has to go down the other side…


I have an educational version of Rhino … the function on the Contour is not loading properly, could you write it down it again pls ?