Drawing Interpcrv to Polyline without ending commands

Hi, is there a quick way to jump between Interpcrv and PL? Say I’m drawing something curved with interpcrv but then want to draw a fully straight segment and back to interpcrv after?

Currently, I have to end the crv, and then run PL and click at the end of the curve draw the line, end it, and run interpcrv again. And of course, the lines are now not joined, so would also have to join them.

Any ideas would be great to speed up drawing.


They are separate commands so no.
If they were the same curve creation tool with only command line setting different between them then it would be possible.

I don’t know what the "magic’ is under the hood, but it’s not possible.
It sounds like you’re using the best technique I can think of.

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Thanks for the reply John. It was a long shot, but thought I might have missed a way to do it better.

Would be great if there was an alt or shift like modifier key that could make Interpcrv temporarily switch to a straight PL and then back, without ending the command.

Someone skilled in the dark arts of scripting might be able to cook up something like this, but those are skills I do not have.

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