Drawing group of objects in screen space

Hey guys,

Is there a way to group grasshopper objects/components into one so I can translate them as one.
And is there a way to specify fix screen coordinates for object location ? Or convert

I made custom piechart and text. Text was placed using Human, but piechart is basically a collection of circles and text.

Can’t find a way to fixed its location on screen.

Thank you.


Try to do Cluster.



For piechart and stuffs you can use



Thank you. But I am not sure if it is possible to combine different types of data with cluster to translate it!?

I have build my own chart. Can’t use this plugin as I am using Mac.

Maybe someone made a script a while ago?

Ok. I think I solved most of the problems. I managed to position elements on screen using Human plugin.
The only last problem I have how to move compute vector from world coordinates to screen.
Is it possible if I know an offset value?

Please see attached file…

PieChart.gh (19.5 KB)

You can control the position of your pie chart on the screen by moving the boundary rectangle in conduit plugin.

PieChart_Conduit_re.gh (32.7 KB)

Hi @HS_Kim thanks for advice, but fortunately (unfortunately) I am using Rhino for Mac. This plugin doesn’t work on Mac.

I was hoping to do it with native Grasshopper…

Ok not the nicest solution, but it works. Still have to clean up a bit.

It looks like I have a sorting problem, between colours and values? If you try sliders colours and text jumps?

@HS_Kim would you be able to take a look… thank you

PieChart.gh (25.9 KB)

Check this as well.

PieChart_Human_re.gh (23.3 KB)


Looks nice. But not fixed to screen.
The good thing it doesn’t use curve split… so no need to sort segments and colours. They still in the same order.

Will try to adopt…

Thank you

Cheers @HS_Kim it works!
Colours and Data are synced and Chart is fixed to screen.

I will just add a text offset so it is off the pie segments.

Feel free to use it guys…
PieChart.gh (25.5 KB)