Drawing functions y=something in Rhino

I remember someone at the old Rhino forum posted an plugin or a script that enabled you to define a function y=X+3 or y=xsqured + 4x … basicly Rhnio would just draw it for you.
Anyone has this plugin/script…?
Thank you

Maybe this?


I dont have Rhino v3 or V4 in front of me but can you confirm that this plugin can draw linear equations? (y=x)
Im asking this couse it says “degree 3 curves” hope this is not “ONLY degree 3 curves”

Anyone? :frowning:

Hi Mario
The plugin is here
Ciao Vittorio

I tried the plugin and it loads easy in V4.
I tried drawing a simple function like y=2x+2 but I simply cannot understand how to do this.
Can someone help me out a bit?
Thank you.

Ciao Mario
le funzioni sono in forma parametrica.
per la tua equazione devi scrivere:
nella riga Function x(t) devi scrivere t
nella riga Function y(t) devi scrivere 2*t+t
nella riga Function z(t) devi scrivere 0
Ciao Vittorio