Drawing Compare Tool in Rhino for merging changes between Make2d drawings

A bit like a new feature in AutoCAD 2021 I’m wondering if diffing 2d drawings in Rhino could be used for automatic merging of changes between drawings generated with the Make2D command considering both the changes in the 3D model and separate, manual changes added directly to the 2d drawing (manual corrections like removing duplicate lines, amending the colours, cleaning up intersections, etc.).

I imagine they would be saved as separate files, but perhaps using Rhino’s snapshots or putting them on separate layers would be faster.

I imagine you would have three files:

  1. the original make2d (before the manual changes)
  2. manually updated make2d (main drawing)
  3. new make2d (after 3D changes)

Then the algorithm™ would compare the differences between these three by:
discarding the changes in 3. found between 1. and 2. and
adding the changes to 2. found between 2. and 3..

  1. Make sure outputs of Make2D command are on separate (parent) layers.
  2. SelDupAll command can be used to select all elements that were not added/modified (it selects them on both drawings). Effectively Invert command then becomes a difference between them - new and modified elements.
  3. This advice from Mitch how to use SelDupAll to select duplicates from only one group (tldr: lock it)
  4. This script by Pascal may be used to tag (set user text) to all objects in a file although Make 2D conveniently enough puts all objects into a separate “layer stack” already.