Drawing Arrows in 3D

I was wondering if anyone had a simple solution to drawing arrows in 3D for use in layouts.

In particular, I need to draw a number of curved arrows to indicate direction of rotation.

I was wondering if there was some parameterized script that might do this.

Hello - the Arrowhead command will add (screen based) arrowheads to curves.


or leader, when you need arrows that are explodeable for further usage.

edi: but honestly i would use something like orient from a source arrow, maybe with scale turned on to copy a real arrow if needed.

@pascal would be nice to have an option to explode these arrow heads. was thinking about that a few times since they dont even print.

Hello - Arrowhead arrows should print.


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I found an examples of what I am basically trying to do.

Hm… I don’t see a good way out other than building one from a trimmed cylinder and inserting and scaling copies as needed.


true sorry, i had it scaled far too small. now it works!

@miano you can also use FlowAlongSrf prepare your cylinder parts if they are circular or any shape like helix of course, unroll, or unrolluv and create a base surface, then flow it back up.

the arrow you adjust with solid points on to lenght on the base surface. unfortunately not that simple.