Drawing a perfect Aerodynamic Airfoil

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I’m attaching a file which includes 2 airfoils. As you know, when you download an airfoil from a program such as Profili or Xfoil directly (by importing the .dxf), it keeps more than 200 Control Points in the drawing.

What steps would you do in order to get the most accurate curves?


A previous thread the OP @Gmoreno started on this topic: Smooth a Curve from an Airfoil

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hi @gmoreno.id i just noticed that i responded utterly senseless on another thread of yours which was actually already answered before in again another thread, regarding the same basic issues. please keep the questions when strongly related to each other to one thread. not everybody skims along all other topics.

regarding your question: first split the airfoil with the cord line, then select both parts and call the command RebuildCrvNonUniform setting the tolerance to 0.001 and max point to 40, it will interpolate a degree 3 curve over your polyline, while not along the vertices but according to curvature. that will not be super low in points but will ensure precision.

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BetterlivingthroughCNC had the correct description:
approx error: max 2%% of profile depth and nice curvature:

discourse-symmetric-solution.3dm (59.6 KB)