Draw to screen space?

Is there a way to have both 3D- and static (not spinning, panning) elements in the scene?


  1. by drawing some of the elements to screen space instead of 3D-space, or
  2. by using a second viewport, or
  3. by using a second viewer?

It is possible to open several viewports related to the same unique ShapeDiver session. In that case, you would need to simultaneously draw the 3D model and the 2D view in the scene and set the camera to show each of them in their own viewport.
It is also possible to use several viewers but that will open several sessions and you will have to manage them from the API (i.e sending parameters to both viewers when a user changes them). However, the advantage in that case is that you can have two different models (one for the 2D view and one for the 3D), each of them being therefore lighter.