Draw order

request for drawing order (Rhino 7):

when dealing with draw order, I have difficulties with: Blocks and picture frames

Blocks can’t be adjusted at all with bringForward/sendBackward etc.

Hatches can be sent behind Picture frames, but Picture frames can’t be sent behind/front hatches.

that makes exchange with ACAD very difficult(blocks need exploding) and also complicates the setup of a drawing that contains hatches and picture frames.

please consider fixing.


Hi Daniel - Picture frames are surfaces, so they do not play the draw order game at all - right now that is for curves and annotations only.


thanks for your reply, Pascal.

I am aware they are surfaces, it is just a bit confusing that I can send eg. a curve behind a surface but not a surface behind a curve. I would expect it to be the flip-side of the same coin :slight_smile: