Draw order broken

Hi I’m doing 2d linework and the draw order seems to be broken. I’m using sendtoback and bringtofront etc. but they won’t move at all. This is both inside a block and in model space. Can I get some help?

Hi -

You can start by using the ClearDrawOrder command to reset the order and then apply the order that is desired. Post your 3dm file if that doesn’t resolve it.

Draw order does not work directly on blocks.

Clear draw order does not seem to work. Here is a simple file that shows the problem. There is a layout as well which shows the problem.draw order broken.3dm (35.7 KB)

Hi -

I’ve opened that file twice and performed the same procedure in both the model space and layout:
(When I open the file, the green curve is visible)

  • Select both curves
  • Run ClearDrawOrder
  • Unselect both
  • Run SelLayer to select the curve on the red layer
  • Run BringToFront

After doing this, the red curve is visible.
Are you doing something differently?

Hi Wim thanks for your attention. For me the red curve is visible. I cannot get the green curve in front of the red curve.

Hello - please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results. (Switching draw order works as expected here).


Thank you Pascal. I messaged you directly.

I updated my video drivers from the nvidia and intel websites like Pascal recommended and it works! Thank you very much.