Draw line on Y axis shows either side of Green

Hi Wim,
Is it possible to set anti aliasing for curves as was set for V5 ?

I have set axes to 1px for V7 and they are far too thin to see amidst a project.
I have set the curves to 2px and they are far too thick for CAD work in a serious prog.

V5 had it perfectly ok, now its broken.
I never thought axes too thick or lines too thick.

Anyone thinking the lines were bad must have had a bad GPU. Now such dictate a bad axes as well as curves that dont look right.

The visuals in V5 had no problems, now they do.

I see the green axes was AA in V5, yet the red was not AA.
V7 V5 green axes

I am told V8 tries to correct the issues introduced with this.

So can I AA the lines and get them to centre the axes ?

I dont want them blurred, they look same as V5 at the moment. sharp…so whoever thought V5 was soft needs glasses.