Draw line on Y axis shows either side of Green

In V4 and V5, I am used to seeing lines drawn on the grid showing as expected down middle of an axis grid line.
In V7 I draw an orange line as I have always done in V5 (layer colour orange) for datum starting 0,0 and allocate it the dash dot centre line and the result is either to left or right of green, it jumps about left or right as I zoom.
Makes me think its not spot on, accurate etc. most unsettling having come from a visually stable and bang on accurate V5.
I draw a turquoise line in V7 to be able to asses X axis and again its not on the line,

What is going on and is there some setting to make it stay put (down the middle hiding the green line ) ?


Hi Steve -

In both Rhino 5 and 7, the default pixel width of the axes is 2 px. The default width for curves is 1 px. You can’t make 1 px be in the center of 2 px.

In Rhino 5, horizontal and vertical lines are blurred with antialiasing. This blurring makes those lines look like the same width as the axes. Users have requested pixel-perfect lines when they are horizontal or vertical and that was implemented.

In Rhino 7, you can either make the curve width to be 2 px in the display mode, or set the grid axes line width to 1 (that’s not possible in Rhino 5) by using the Rhino.Options.Grid.AxisLineWidth setting in the Advanced Options.

Hi Wim,
Is it possible to set anti aliasing for curves as was set for V5 ?

I have set axes to 1px for V7 and they are far too thin to see amidst a project.
I have set the curves to 2px and they are far too thick for CAD work in a serious prog.

V5 had it perfectly ok, now its broken.
I never thought axes too thick or lines too thick.

Anyone thinking the lines were bad must have had a bad GPU. Now such dictate a bad axes as well as curves that dont look right.

The visuals in V5 had no problems, now they do.

I see the green axes was AA in V5, yet the red was not AA.
V7 V5 green axes

I am told V8 tries to correct the issues introduced with this.

So can I AA the lines and get them to centre the axes ?

I dont want them blurred, they look same as V5 at the moment. sharp…so whoever thought V5 was soft needs glasses.