Draw all characters of a particular font

Is there a command or script that draws every available character (including special characters) of a particular font? I imagine it would look much like the TextObject command, however instead of entering a user-defined string of characters you would select, for example, “All Available Characters”.

Would this be helpfull?

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I love python… one line of code.

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Hi Toni, thank you for responding. It’s been while (20 years) since I coded (C, C++, Java, but no Python!)… I’m not sure how to apply your solution?

However, the ASCII set (0~255) doesn’t quite fulfill OP’s request.

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Here is a script that can generate all of them. ALL of them…

ASCII characters.gh (11.5 KB)

Sorry, not ALL, while Unicode was originally conceived as a 16 bit implementation, therefore limited to 65536 characters, it was expanded in Unicode 2.0 and can potentially encode over a million characters. At present it contains 144,697 characters, with 4,489 more to be added in Unicode 15.0, scheduled for the coming week I believe.
(source: Unicode Statistics)


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Score one for inclusivity… Gonna be a long list though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That being said, most fonts do not have all that, they will have a much more limited subset. Somehow one would need to read the font file like Windows/Mac does when you inspect them.

Mitch is correct. If a glyph doesn’t exist in a font, the operating system will provide a substitute font for that glyph.

As a typographer, unless you are producing a top ten global font like Helvetica you are only going to create the glyphs needed for your language plus maybe some maths symbols and commonplace accented variants. They just take too much effort for more to be economic.

That’s the reason why much fewer fonts are available for East Asian languages. :clown_face: