Draw a curve that is locked to specific points / dimensions

I am working through some old 2D drawings to create digital files

I have specific measured points that my curve needs to hit, which I have mapped out.

I have tried all of the curve fit options (through points / interpolate etc…) but cant find a way to lock the curve to these specific points, and get it to flow as per the drawing

Could anyone help ?

The goal is to simulate the original drawing as closely as possible, with the crv locked in place at the correct dimensions


How many points does the curve need to fit through? Or does it have certain dimensions such as width and height.

You can place points on the line on your drawing, fine tune their positions to match the listed measurements, then use CurveThruPt:

You’ll need points closer together where there is a tighter bend, but aim to use as few as possible to keep your curve clean.


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Great thanks Jeremy - i was hoping there was a way to lock down specific points and still use the CPs to alter the curves as required (to ensure tangecy around the heel) But this should be workable for now

You can still tweak individual control points once you have created the curve.

There is also handlecurve, which can draw through points, but also allows you to add handles to control direction and curvature. That might give you better control of tangency, but I find it fiddlier to use.