Draw a BelleVille washer?

Hi, I would like to draw a #8 belleville washer. I have drawn two concentric circles, one 0.164" and one 0.250". With both circles selected I applied “Solid | Extrude Planar Curve | Straight” -0.015". I now need the O.D. to remain in place, while raising the I.D. by 0.010", as if wrapped onto a large sphere. Splop seemed like a possibility, but it does not work with my extrusion, either before or after using ConvertExtrusion. Are there any other ways to acheive this? Thanks.

I would rather draw the cross-section and revolve that full-circle around the center.

Alternatively, in what you have, you could sub-object select the ID surface and move that up.
(Or explode, move the ID surface, and create two new edge surfaces).