Drape - an uneven surface


Hello, why at Drape there is an uneven surface? :slightly_frowning_face:
1.3dm (373.8 KB)


The grid of a drapery is based on a grid of initial geometry :wink:
If in a zone for a drapery of 16x16 segments, then and the drapery HAS TO have approximate quantity of segments.


i am not fully sure but it could be that drape works along the display mesh, try if increasing this on the sphere will help. i tested it and had the feeling that it affects the outcome.


Hi RichardZ, you mean the mesh settings?

An impression is made that at a large number of segments at a drapery (on a zone with small quantity of segments) - the drapery repeats mesh of a surface, an object… But why?

For example, if I put 200 segments - result:
But at 15:

(Pascal Golay) #6

Yeah… Drape makes a degree 2 surface - always has… I don’t know why, maybe more responsive to local changes in shape. I would Rebuild the result for a simple shape like this. Degree 5 by 5 and 6 points will be smooth and maybe close enough.