Drainage Direction Problem

Hi guys!
I am trying to calculate the drainage direction about Mont Blanc.
I have a problem related to “Insufficient interpolation point for a curve”.
Some of you can give me some advice about this problem? I am attaching my model and the grasshopper file!
Thank you in advice!

20200320_Parte di Monte Bianco.3dm (6.4 MB)
02DrainageScript-2.gh (10.1 KB)

Hi @ale.lorefice95,

Do not know why the VB component does not work.
I used Gismo’s “FlowPaths” component instead.
FlowPaths.gh (429.7 KB)

Hi @djordje
unfortunately now the problem is this “light exception object has no attribute components”.
I red on other blogs that probably is because I am working on Mac, and Gismo is not supported well on this computer.
In any case, thanks a lot for your answer!

Hi Ale and welcome to the forum.

Your code is incomplete. There is not even an “A=” to actually output something.
Your VB is returning nothing, the interpolate command surely tells “insufficient points” … there are none.
Where did you get that partial code?

Hi @ale.lorefice95,
Some Gismo components work on Mac as well. “Flow Paths” being one of them.
The error you got happens when at least one of the three Gismo requirement conditions has not been fulfilled:

Hi Riccardo! Thank for your time!
Probably I have done a mix on blogs and tutorial in order to understand how to analyse this landscape.
I am learning now Grasshopper and probably I am missing something.
I am a landscape designer and I am doing this research for my MSC thesis.

And you are gone straight to VB scripting … ! … ?

Do you know VB?
I do not… But i know C# , which is similar:

02DrainageScript-2_reV0.1.gh (12.9 KB)

The script here, starting from the mesh and a given point, do:
- find the closest point on the mesh, save it to list;

(start loop)
- move the point by the amount of the “g” vector (“gravity” direction);
- find again the closest point on the mesh, to have an effect of “sliding down”.
(end loop)

The script is surely “banal” but it is as simple as possible so you can try to understand something and build more from that.

Hope it helps.


Thank you very much!
it is working in this way and now I can work on this way in order to analyse deeply the flows.
I was probably in a mess because I was looking for a solution around without understanding for real the program. Now it is more clear in my mind!

Thank you again! It is really helpful