Drag strength and numerical input

It took me a couple times( old dog) to see that if drag strength is lower than 100% , if you use the gumball ball to make a surface, it will make the length according to the drag strength . Example, want a 1” long surface. If drag strength is at 50%,then you would have to type in 2” to get the true 1”. Does that sound right? Anyway , just noticed it. —Mark

Hello - I would say that is expected - if not exactly ‘right’. Typing a number at the command line is really a distance constraint for the cursor (note you can still drag the extrusion in either direction after entering a number - the location is constrained to that distance and the extrusion or move or whatever is then made according to drag strength - To constrain to the typed distance, click once on the control and type a number there in the numeric entry field… see what I mean?

-Pascal him

Got it, See it now. Thanks