Drag-drop bitmap from Explorer to surface suddenly fails

All of a sudden I can no longer drag drop a bitmap from explorer onto a Rhino surface and see it in render mode. This always worked perfectly in the past. Suddenly it fails to work.

Any solutions? Thanks

Hi Matt - yeah, it should work as far as I can see … Maybe close and reopen Rhino and try again?


I tried that, with no luck. It appears that when I drag the image to Rhino workspace and hover over a surface it does not recognize the object and thinks I am dropping into empty space, so I get a 4 option dialog box (picture frame, wallpaper, etc.)

As mentioned, this never happened before.



Hi Matt - Hmm - I’ll see what I can find out - for now, I guess the indirect method of choosing Texture Palette and then drag from the textures onto the object - btw does that drag and drop work? From the texture panel to an object?


Is it just that specific bitmap or do all bitmaps; even ones that worked before, refuse to drag/drop?

Matt, do you have any plug-ins loading (non-default ones) If so, what are they? Is Rhino Render the current renderer?


All bitmaps refuse to drag-drop now and, no, I cannot drag from texture palette either. Simply does not register the receiving object with mouse hover. Used to highlight the receiving surface I believe. I have rebooted and restarted Rhino.

From what the developer tells me the most likely thing is that there’s a plug-in getting into the queue for handling drag and drop before the Rhino RDK, which handles what you are trying to do. But… if so, what plug-in - are you running any that are not standard with Rhino?


Well, I have Maxwell Render for Rhino and I recently switched to that renderer, then switched back to the default Rhino Render engine. I also run grasshopper. Other plugins as well but nothing I loaded myself recently other than a Flamingo trial.

OK- thanks - right now, I blame Flamingo only because it looks like maybe being the last thing you added. Let’s try disabling that in Options > Plug-ins page and then restart Rhino. Any different?


Unfortunately no change. When dragging a jpg to Rhino workspace I see the + symbol and am able to select texture palette for a destination, but cannot directly drop to a surface. Still no luck dragging from texture palette either.

Hi Matt - lets disable all the other plug-ins that show up in Options >Plug-ins page with the view filtered for ‘plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino’ and restart Rhino… any luck at all?


Tried that (unchecking the plugins not shipped with Rhino then restarting). No luck. Nothing happens when hovering over an object. I keep getting this dialog which I never got before.

@andy, @JohnM - any ideas here?


Hi - I just tried drag-drop with Rhino WIP (Rhino 6 beta) and it works just fine. Weird. Something wrong specifically with my Rhino 5.


What happens if you chose the “Texture Palette” option and click OK?

Make sure no objects are selected then attempt to drag the bitmap over an object, does the object highlight when you mouse over it?

No, the object does not highlight when I drag bitmap over it. I get plus symbol and dialog box as if dragging to empty space. If I select Texture Palette from that the image goes there, however I cannot drag that image from texture palette over image either. The issue is with the mouse-over on rhino object. Note that this problem does not exist with Rhino 6 WIP, only Rhino 5 and only as of recently (worked fine before).

Thanks for any insights.

Hi! I have the same problem!
I can’t drag and drop (images or files like 3dm, dwg, stl…) in rhino 5.
Before I could made it, but now I can’t…
In rhino 6 I can drag and drop correctly.