Drag drop 3dm file to rhino and open sees jpg hall of mirrors!

I did a search on windows explorer, found the file I had been working on yesterday, as for some reason it didnt feature in the last worked files list, and did the drag and touch minimised program, let it launch back up, then drop onto bar at screen very top, that opens a file in windows progs, a neat trick , use it often.

My jpg however in this file was being viewed through its rectangle box as if it was a hall of mirrors image, an optical line ran diagonally across the rectangle and the jpg was at different angles either side of it, like as if it was printed on a sheet of paper which was being pulled over a sharp V bend . It also was no longer all visible and well over scale.

Now this pictureFrame had been tilted a few degrees in my build, so turning on its source that was still flat that also was no longer with that jpg to scale.

Close Rhino and open a new instance, then go file>open and open this file, and it was back to normal…phew !

Any idea why it did that ?

I havent experimented with others to see if dragdrop to open file does it every time. I dont want to mess any files up incase I was lucky to get away with this.