Drag and drop named views rhino 7 MAC

hi, i would like to drag one of my named views in the named views panels to a floating viewport. i cannot seem to get the thumbnails to budge. is there an additional key or something that i am missing?
thank you,
jack haye

Hi Jack - it seems like a fine idea, but as far as I know drag and drop is not supported for named views. You can restore them from the controls and context menu in the panel.


thanx pascal,
that’s strange. i though for sure that the Rhino help menu says that its possible:
Drag and drop a Named View…

  • into a viewport of the current or a different model to restore.
  • into the Named View panel of another Rhino window to copy it to a different model.
  • in the same Named View panel with Alt to make a copy.
  • to reorder the items.
    to be clear, i would like to be able to import a named view into a floating viewport.

thank you

Hm! Does not work here on Windows, so we either broke it, I am doing something dumb, or Help is wrong - I’ll try to see what’s what.


thank you. i’m trying everything and can’t seem to get my floating viewport to accept a named view

It sure looks to me like we broke it in V7. Yep, on both platforms - thanks for the report. You can restore the named view from the rmb context menu in Named views with the named view selected and the target viewport selected/active. Any luck with that? It works, here, with a floating viewport.

RH-63593 NamedView: drag and drop fails


YES! that finally worked! but what i had to do was to create a floating named views panel because otherwise, the moment i clicked on the docked named views panel, it would automatically select the view in the main window. it’s a little bit of a pain, but it does work. thank you so much! i will look forward to the time when drag and drop works again…

Oi, I see how that floater disappears on Mac - - that is a bug, in my opinion, in itself.
RH-63595 Floating viewport: disappears


thank you so much for your help!

No, thank you for the reports…


RH-63593 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate