Drafting- shadow visual

visualarq test 3.pdf (769.6 KB)
visualarq test 6.pdf (783.5 KB)

hello to anyone, I was wondering why I get two different results with the Arcaic mode when printing. to pdf from drafting. my preferred option would be to have the test 3. so similar to sketchup.

any advice on how to get to three as i dont know what made it change from 3 to what it is now.


Hi @alexanderfossball, there’s a trick you can try to get these results, consisting in having two identical detail views in page layout, one using the “Hidden” display mode on top, and the other using another fancy display mode you wish.
Check this out: 2D Vector Drawing with lighting in Rhino - YouTube

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Hey Francesc Salla
thanks for the tip. but im meaning more to get rid of the grey aratic gi and just the white and shadow. i did it before but not sure how.

Hi @alexanderfossball try this display mode:
Realistic Custom.ini (13.0 KB)
It’s basically a modified version of the VisualARQ “Realistic” display mode, where the background has been changed to a Solid White color, and the shadows have been modified a bit.

Hey Francesc
just tried it now, is this the way it shows in your viewport?
im also attaching the file for ref, i normally use the display mode : architecture with shading

Uploading: Layout visual Test.3dm…

I can’t download your 3dm file… Can you attach it again? or send it to visualarq@asuni.com