Drafting - Background colour, auto toggle black & white text, lines etc

Hello all,

I was wanting to be able to change the background colour to black for drafting. Is there a setting that will automatically toggle the black lines, text etc to white when the background colour is changed to black?

It would only likely be used in drafting mode, but then would like to then change back again (to white or gray) when modelling.

Different people in the office have different background preferences, so it would be good if this is possible. The gray background makes it a little difficult to clearly see the lighter coloured lines.

Apologies if there is already a string with this.


Hi James - there is no built in tool for this- you could cook up a ‘drafting’ display mode - start with a copy of ‘Wireframe’ in Options > View > Display modes and in there, set background and curve color (my images are not in a copy):


Thanks Pascal.

I’m most the way there - changing the background is easy for the new display setting.

I suspect there is not a way to to change the display settings for individual colours i.e. white and black curves only, or display/print colours for specific layers?

Perhaps another option is to create a macro button that changes white curves to black curves and vice versa…