DraftAngleAnalysis bugs v7


Changing the direction doesn’t work intuitively. For example, when choosing the option 2 points, I can use the set… ‘button’ (that doesn’t look like a button until clicked), but to be able to pick two points, I first have to click in the viewport to put the focus there and then I can select the two points.

Same with View, I have to then click the set button, click on the view to focus and then click to activate it, so at first it appears to be not working at all.

Furthermore when choosing World Z form the dropdown it makes no sense that I then also have to click the set button to confirm it. This UI really needs to be revised, it’s highly confusing.

@Trav - FYI…


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@Trav Were you able to reproduce this issue? I’ve been trying here, but I’m failing.

@dan I don’t know of a bug, I think he wants the set button to go away, which I don’t think we can do for all cases.

It’s still there: when clicking the set… button, you have to click 3 times instead of 2 times in the viewport for 2 point direction. The first click is needed to focus/activate the view, this is the main thing.
Furthermore, when you want to switch back to World Z, you still have to click the set… button. This makes no sense to me.
The same happens when selecting view based: you have to click twice in the viewport to actually change the draft direction.

ahhh yes… thanks @Gijs I see it now, horribly annoying. We special cased this dialog on the Mac to make it float similar to how it does on Windows. This is causing the document to lose focus which makes you have to add that extra click when setting the view options. Thanks I’ll get this fixed up.