Draft angle analysis window disappears

It has happened many times that draft angle analysis window disappears and it still stays on. I can’t turn it off.
I have tried the same command again but it does not bring the window back.
Only solution I have found is that I have to save and restart rhino.
I use R7.

Hi Wagner -

It sounds like the dialog box is getting behind other windows. Do you use multiple screens? Also, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

FWIW, Can you reproduce the issue on Rhino 8?


Not sure how I get it to disappear.
I use 2 displays but it (draft angle analysis) allways opens to the main display. Mainly I use only 1 display when using rhino. I think it is not the case. I have also closed all the floating rhino toolbars and also shuffled all the windows " software windows" and haven’t found it.

I don’t have working Rhino 8 right now, so can’t test it at the moment.

I’ll try to find how to disappear it again.