Downloading the Grasshopper-Tekla link


How do I download the required files (GrasshopperTeklaLink.gha, from Tekla Warehouse?

I cannot press the “download” button. Does somebody know why and how to get further from step 1?


Contact them

I have the same problem. Have you managed to install it?


Yes. Are you working in a company? Please, try to login with your companies account.

Hi I’m just a student. I already have a academic account and install Tekla Structures but as far as Tekla Maintenance I had no luck. They don’t offer it for academic accounts.The plugin is free so I don’t understand why they don’t offer it to accdemic users. Is there any way you could upload the GrasshopperTeklaLink.gha file please?


We offer the Geometry Gym developments free for academic use. You can refer to the downloads page and installing at if you’d like to try the gg Grasshopper-Tekla link.




Sure, try this.

I am using Tekla 21.0. (47.7 KB)

(Attachment GrasshopperTeklaLinkHelp.URL is missing)

I’ve just spoken with someone that handles the Tekla Connection development. They said the best path is to get a student license and then contact support requesting access to the Tekla GH Link. They are looking for ways to facilitate this process, but at this time, this is the suggested path.

If you are using student license, you have to download Grasshopper -tekla link campus edition.