Downloadable Assets for Rhino 6/7?


I am looking to add items such as furniture, trees and people into my rhino file. Just as Sketchup as Sketchup Warehouse, is there something equivalent for Rhino 6/7 ?

I have tried looking this up online, but I cannot find/understand my searches and would like some help on how to download these files and add them to my rhino file.

Thank you! Would appreciate any help.

There are a few libraries around. But also be aware that the whole of 3d warehouse can also be used in Rhino. We read SKP.

I also like to use grabcad.

And here is more of a list:


How do you access the 3-D Warehouse in Rhino? I only know how to access materials and textures.

Also, I have tried Grabcad. But it does not transfer the material/color of the object when I open it in Rhino. What is the exact process you use to download and open the object in Rhino. I would really appreciate it.

Grabcad is great for accurate data, but the rendering data is not always available. There are many different types of formats there. But I find the quality f the models quite high.

3-d warehouse needs to be accessed in a web browser and the SKP files downloaded to be opened in Rhino. These files can save most of the materials, but the elements need to be left in their mesh format and not converted to a NURBS object.