Download previous Rhino builds?


having a problem updating to the latest build of Rhino 5 as I seem to have deleted the currently installed builds .msi installer … so when running the update it prompts me to locate this deleted .msi so it can remove and replace with the new build.

is there anywhere I can download previous builds? McNeel site only seems to give you the latest version, i specifically need 5.6.31028.18305

i tried running the full install over the top but it detects it is already installed and fails trying to remove the previous version



Generally not.
Let’s take a step back. What problem are you trying to solve?
Perhaps there is a better fix than going back to an earlier version and re-introducing bugs.

the OLD version is what I have current installed - I am trying to upgrade to the current build but get this error

as i understand it windows always keeps a copy of the last installer used for any application install/update which is then used to roll-back a patch before applying a new one, or as part of complete application uninstall.

I deleted this copy of the installed build 5.6.31028.18305 - and so the installer for the new build is unable to locate it to proceed with the update

I have had this issue with updates in the past and as I typically keep backups of all patches I would usually just point the installer to this copy and the update completes. The problem is I did not keep a copy of the 5.6.31028.18305 patch MSI to point to … so was hoping to download it again

McNeel Support have already suggested the installation is corrupt and to completely remove Rhino and re-install … which is time consuming and unnecessary based on previous experience of this issue (i.e just point it to the missing .msi which i usually keep)

but if previous builds are not available to users then i guess i have no alternative