Download older Rhino versions

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m working on a MacBook Pro with Rhino 6.34 & 7.5 and it doesn’t support OpenCL (Cycles) anymore… So whenever I’m changing the Viewport to Rendered or Raytraced Mode the fans are working on highest level. It also doesn’t display certaine things correctly (for example colored glass, etc.).

I read here on the forum that OpenCL was disabled because Apple is abandoning it and it makes problems… and it will take a while to switch to METAL.
But I know that selecting GPU or/and CPU (OpenCL) was possible in Rhino 6.31/6.32

Is there any way to download those versions (6.31 & 6.32 .dmg in German)?

I already wrote the, but they stop responding, even though I payed for the program…

It would help me a lot in my work progress to get a download link.

I’d very much appreciate your help.

Thank you!

Posted PM with link to latest build that has some performance related controls added. Should help a lot with Raytraced viewport on the Mac, and less powerful machines in general.

See if Nathan’s in-house build helps.
We are working on this problem.
Apple has become a barrier in this issue.

As to a German language Mac Rhino, you’re confused.
The Mac Rhino DMG includes all supported languages.
The default language is determined by macOS on your computer.
It’s easy to change.

  1. In Rhinoceros > Preferences > Language, choose what you want
  2. Close and restart Rhino