Download metrics in the new Food4Rhino

As far as I know, the new Food4Rhino provides aggregated download data while old Food4Rhino used to provide a breakdown of download data per each version of the plug-in. I found the latter very useful to track the performance of each release. Is this function lost or did I just miss it? Is there a way to access breakdown data again?


Hi Gabriele,

First of all I’m very sorry for this huge delay in the answer. I guess we, at food4Rhino development team, were not really watching this category on Discourse but this is now fixed.

I’m not sure to understand your question. Are you speaking about the list of users who downloaded your App?
On old F4R system, we were sending each week a csv file with the e-mail address of the users who downloaded an App during the last week (since the last time a csv file was sent). The list was not break down for each release of the App.