Downgrading to RH 6.11

In order to correct an undesirable Rhino feature (Problem with dimension lines after latest update) I may need to downgrade to Rhino 6.11. Will I need to downgrade to a previous version of Va? If I do, will my projects still work?

Hi Djhg,
I believe that VA 2.4 will work well with all Rhino 6.0 versions which should include Rhino 6 sr11. But I will copy @kike Gracia and ask if he can verify this for us.

Mary Ann Fugier

VisualARQ 2.4 requires Rhino 6 SR11 or later, so yes, you can safely downgrade.

Moreover, VisualARQ 2.4 files can be opened with VisualARQ 2.3, as file format hasn’t changed, just in case you need to downgrade to a previous Rhino 6 SR.