Dove tails

Is there something in Rhino to help design dove tails for cutting?

if you could explain a bit more what dove tails you are talking about, and what exactly you need maybe there is something.

i assume you are talking about joints, so drawing polylines and extruding them should not be too hard…

While building a box you put taps [at an angle or straight] in both sides so there is more gluing surface

Hi John, you are the designer. You need to place them where , how many and shape. You can’t just click an edge and describe what you want and they appear. Think of how you would lay them out in real life and then do that in modeling.At let that is my opinion.—-Mark

Dovetails tend to be a standard size based on what cutter is being used. I guess that a Grasshopper definition might be able to take the edge of a board and automatically apply a dovetail of a given size across the width centering it between the edges. Someone has probably already done it. If you Google Grasshopper Dovetail you will see a number of entries, maybe one of them works for you.