Double to float conversion problems


It is not first time when this kind of error occurs in my grasshopper algorithm.

I have arc with its origin in 0,0,0, but when i use deconstruct plane component it outputs me not 0,0,0, but somewhere very near this point. I know that this is very little innacuracy but those kind of erros can build up and at the end innacuracys may have significant values.

Whats the best way to:

  1. Spot places where innacuracys occurs
  2. Deal with those kind of errors.

Your initial circle is probably just a little bit off of the origin…

Here I’m referencing a circle which I created on 0,0.0001,0

The B (plane) output only shows two decimals.

You could create a filter to visually distinguish which circles are on an exact point without any decimals…

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