Double skin solid

(Amir Habibi) #1

I already know answer is NO , but any suggestion or future implementation in rhino would help
Could we have a closed brep that is defined between two closed brep rather than a close brep inside another one . I think the struggle is with the itersection and connectivity of the faces .

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - NonmanifoldMerge will make a single brep from these but you will not, I think, be able to get the inside face normals to point inward.


(Chris Kuether ) #3

If the plan is to 3D print this object, there must be a [small] portal from inner surface to the outer surface.


For 3D printing, this probably does’t matter, as you end up slicing a mesh model of the object to produce closed polylines for the printer toolpath to fill, I only think that closed-ness and nesting matter in this case. But if you Mesh the object first, I think you could flip the inside mesh separately if you really needed…

(Amir Habibi) #5

Well in my case there is no need of surface’s normals and the operation is for point inclusion (it works fine) and not 3D printing

I am seeking the same method for merging meshes (e.g. two mesh boxes ) if possible ?


Well, if you’re only looking for point inclusion, you do not need either a disjoint solid or mesh - just get the points contained by the outer shell and exclude points contained by the inner shell… The applicable RhinoCommon methods are Brep.IsPointInside() and Mesh.IsPointInside()…



Rhino cannot make a model of a ping-pong ball because Rhino is a surface program rather than a solid program. This is serious flaw because many real world objects (e.g., closed containers) have topology similar to the ping-pong ball.