In the subD discussion I found myself advocating for double click as a means to activate an object.

I like to make that a broader issue and see what double click can offer more that the current limited set of uses.

One first though is to use it as a global UI rule to activate editmodes.
The auto-points on currently set in V6 is troublesome as it is more clutter having all points visible that it is usefull. I would like to have double click as a means to turn controlpoints on.
And doubleclick on the object to turn them off (escape will act as a general OFF switch)

What could be good use of double click in the general sense?

  • SolidptsOn

Here a related issue I found that is closed as @Lowell found it obsolete because of auto-points-on.

However, I would like to know if more users like me have the auto-points-on already disabled because of the clutter both visual and because the difficulty selecting whole objects.

What are your thoughts?



I haven’t had time to play with V6 lately, but when I did, soon decided that I don’t like auto points-on. Double click to turn control points on/off would be good. I’d feel more in control of the display. However I’m not sure how one would handle multiple selections of objects.

V6 has an option to turn it off. So it doesn’t bother me, but I personally don’t like that option. F10 is not convenient to turn on CPs, that’s why I use customizable mouse. I made a macro command for solid points on. So… Not sure what is the advantage of making double click for that. Double click should be used in subD modeling to select edge loops.

Personally, I’m loving the auto-points-on.
That doesn’t mean I’m against experimenting with other systems, though…

Great points Willem. It’s funny how we all see these things quite differently. Personally I’m simply not very “good” at double-clicking stuff and find it all really rather annoying. I usually refer to Jeff Atwood on this subject, he makes some good points. So if it were up to me I’d definitely avoid double-clicks as much as possible.

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Or let’s give up on clicking altogether. It’s actually amazing what’s still possible even without clicks, though it definitely takes time to get used to this paradigm.


I like the ‘non-click’ principle. On the Mac it’s possible to come quite close having an interface that allows you to operate without to many clicks - untill actually clicking the command button I want.


That is indeed very interesting. Didn’t’ Apple try to introduce a mouse with gestures as well at some point? In either case it’ll probably be wise to stick with the KISS principle. Which (for me at least) specifically would include avoiding double-clicking as much as possible (as per Atwood’s post above). That said, for precision selection (or shooting folks in Counter Strike) I’m not sure there are better alternatives to a mouse cursor + a single-click…