Double Click to bring up Obj Properties

A nice feature would be using Double Click to bring up an object’s Properties box. Doesn’t seem that Double Click is “mapped” to anything currently. Would be a convenient feature - just sayin’… :slight_smile:


Isn’t this possible to set in custom mappings?

Anyway, the shortcut key for Object Properties is ‘F3’. I’d rather have double click function to to an edit within a Group. Same as you have in Adobe Illustrator.

I use the Right-Click for that. Editing Groups is more of a specific case, whereas I would expect Double-Click to work on general things. Object Properties would seem a more logical for that, imho. :slight_smile:


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or for block editing… BlockEdit is not yet implemented on mac but i assume double-click is being reserved for it… (as in-- i think with rhino for windows, you can edit a block via double-click)

(fwiw, this is the same way sketchup works for component editing)

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