Double-click selection does not work on this surface

The double-click selection of the entire row of control points fails sometimes and I see no obvious reason for that. I just had another case with that a few minutes ago and while this is no real deal breaker, I think that it would be nice to find a solution for the future Rhino releases. Attached here is the surface that causes the issue:
Can’t select the entire control point row with double click.3dm (145.4 KB)

Hi Bobi - thanks, I see this - my guess is that it has to do with the face being within such a small part of the underlying surface - double click near the trimmed face does work, here. Untrimmed, this also works. I’ll get it on the pile.
RH-73273 Selection: double-click fails on small face


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Thank you, Pascal! Hopefully this bug will be resolved soon for Rhino 7!

My guess is there may be a performance tradeoff hiding in this ‘bug’ someplace…


I have no idea why it happens, but the expectation is that the control polygon should be treated the same way no matter if the surface is trimmed or untrimmed. :slight_smile: